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This is us. Experienced revolutionaries on a mission to change the profession.

Melo mission

Supporting the financial planning profession in building better businesses.

You’ve probably caught wind by now that we have an appetite to shake things up at Melo. We’re not ones to follow tradition, but we do have a set of core values we stand by.

Even in our mission to disrupt, we remain grounded in collaboration, openness, purpose and progress.

In a world of chaos, find your Melo
melo mission

Faces of Melo

Caffeine-fuelled and energy-charged, this lot here
makes us who we are.

  • Board
  • Recruitment
  • Progress
  • Exit
  • Operations

Victoria Hicks

Group CEO

Brian Hill

Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director of Exits

Ben Wright

Chief Innovation Officer & Director of Progress

Rachael Fennessey

Chief People Officer & Managing Director of Recruitment

Anthony Singleton

Non-Executive Director

Stuart Hicks

Group Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Slaven

Executive Assistant to the Board

Kath Harvey

Head of Progress

David Noon

Principal Consultant

Louen Davis

Operations Executive

James Rhodes

Senior Relationship Manager

Charlotte Flaherty

Senior Talent Manager

Hazelle Colita

Business Support Administrator

Tom Wotton

Director of Finance & Exit Partner

Zane Hunter

Head of Exits

Molly Parkinson

Marketing Manager

Tom Bagley

Operations Director

Melo magic

From launch to touchdown, or anywhere in between, the Melo magicians will be on hand to give you the education, guidance, and support to make it happen. And do it in style.

Everyone wants to build a better business – sprinkle some Melo magic across yours to make your business fly.

let's make magic

Just a few of
the Melo crew!

How we got here

What do the Beatles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The A-Team all have in common? They were all founded by a group of four individuals. You can now add Melo to that list too. We came together with a unified vision to disrupt the financial services world and launch a business life cycle agency.

January 2024. This was when Melo was born. However, our story starts before then.

the complete Melo tale
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