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*Yawn* Tired of seeing generic objectives?

Financial planning has come a long way as a profession. So why do so many client files still have terrible objectives? I want “long-term growth”, “access to a managed portfolio” or “tax efficiency” said no client ever!

With Goals-Based Planning, your advisers and paraplanners will learn the difference between transaction requests and goals. We’ll give them techniques to draw out a client’s real goals, the motivation behind them and what has made them decide to act now. Once you become a Goals-Based Planning firm, you’ll never look back. Your advisers and paraplanners won’t just walk away with a head full of theory; oh no, they’ll be armed with practical skills to hit the ground running and put Goals-Based Planning into action.

Save the date! Our next online workshop is on 11 June 2024 for financial planners and on 18 June 2024 for technical staff (paraplanners)

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How we work our Melo magic

Through a combination of online learning and interactive workshops, we help your advisers truly understand Goals-Based Planning. Our full-day workshop covers:

Transaction requests vs goals

Most clients initially come with a transaction request; a desire for you to help them complete a short-term action. We teach advisers to tell the difference between these transactional requests and true long-term goals.

Questioning techniques

To get to the real goal, you must ask the right questions. We provide you with techniques to make clients realise their goals and paint a picture of their future. Once they have this, it's easier to discuss long-term strategies.

Building and reviewing a goals-based plan

Once you’ve discovered a client’s goals, it's time to build a plan centred around them. When that plan is in place, we show how to use annual reviews to ensure the client is still on track to achieve their goals. If they are, investment performance doesn’t really matter. Imagine that!

Technology leads the way

All our courses start with online learning through an easy-to-use app. This gives people a convenient way to understand the theory of Goals-Based Planning anytime, anywhere. The online learning can be revisited as many times as required to cement the core concepts.


We host virtual classrooms year-round for people to learn together with others from different firms. Or, opt for a personalised, in-person workshop tailored to your advisers’ needs and your firm’s requirements.

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Ben took the time to listen, understand what we wanted to achieve and provide insight from his years of experience. I feel comfortable that we are being guided by someone who knows what they are doing and, more importantly, listens to what we want and does what he says he’ll do.
Pete Summerbee
Pete Summerbee
Training & Competence Manager
Ben is thoughtful, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking. His support and insight helped hugely to deliver a first-class and rewarding session to a room of senior industry figures.
Rob Lunn
Rob Lunn
We had a great experience working with Ben and Izzy on strategic marketing workshops. They were a huge support from start to finish, thanks to their talented facilitation and organisational skills. Their knowledge and understanding of the financial planning profession was a big bonus too.
Debbie Brindley
Debbie Brindley
Marketing Manager
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