Ben Wright

Chief Innovation Officer & Director of Progress

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Melo | Ben Wright
Ben is a self-declared geek and loves everything techy
Running is the way Ben finds headspace
Ben can often be seen riding around the Peak District on his motorbike….
…..or powerboating off the coast of Wales
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What Ben wants you to know

Ben is the brains behind the Progress team at Melo. He sees the world differently, often finding innovative solutions to problems and creating ways for firms and individuals to become even better.

It’s no secret that Ben always has a head full of ideas. When he’s not out working with firms or speaking at events, he can be found thinking about what comes after, what comes next, and what’s on the horizon.

Let’s cut to the chase

Been there, done that

Masters Degree in Financial Planning and Business Management
Years as a member of the Personal Finance Society
Of self-help books read
New ideas per hour

Want to know a secret? If you need to do anything better, Ben’s your man.

Ben took the time to listen, understand what we wanted to achieve and provide insight from his years of experience. I feel comfortable that we are being guided by someone who knows what they are doing and, more importantly, listens to what we want and does what he says he’ll do.”
Pete Summerbee
Training & Competence Manager
Ben is thoughtful, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking. His support and insight helped hugely to deliver a first-class and rewarding session to a room of senior industry figures.”
Rob Lunn
It was great to work with Ben on a Meeting of Minds event. He really helped keep the conversation on the right track and took the time, pre, during and post to ensure it all ran smoothly.”
Barry Waring

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