Melo mission

Not the space kind of mission. This is our team's game changing mission.

In a world of chaos, find your Melo

A powerful culture is what sets businesses apart. Before we set out to transform other businesses, we made sure our own culture was nothing short of extraordinary, starting with our core values. Our mission helps us improve the lives of you, your team, and your clients and build a better tomorrow for you all.

We are changemakers. We are sherpas. We are education leaders. We are Melo.

Supporting the financial planning profession
in building better businesses.

Values that fuel our mission


It's true, teamwork really does make the dream work. When we formed Melo, we wanted to create a team that works together towards one shared goal, and that's exactly what we've achieved. Not only do we support each other, we support the whole financial planning community and treat everyone with respect.


Honesty is our policy, no sugar-coating required. We believe in being transparent, ensuring integrity throughout the business. When mistakes are made, it's vital to own up and put things right. We're also welcoming of diverse perspectives, and feedback fuels our culture to improve our processes.


We’re a hugely experienced business lifecycle agency, bound together by a profound sense of conviction and unwavering alignment. We are grounded in ethical principles, we navigate our journey with a value-filled compass, always mindful of the significant impact we make within the financial planning profession.


We're the champions of progress, turning every twist and turn into a thrilling ride toward new opportunities. Every setback is another opportunity to bounce back even higher. With an unwavering focus on results, a penchant for innovation, and an unconquerable resilience, we're the dream team you've been searching for.

Melo magic

From launch to touchdown, let’s work together to understand your final destination and the best way to get you there.

Attracting and retaining talent, turbocharging your operations and people, and working towards a life changing exit, sprinkle a bit of Melo Magic on your business today.

let's make magic

Faces of Melo

Caffeine-fuelled and energy-charged, this lot here
makes us who we are.

  • Board
  • Recruitment
  • Progress
  • Exit
  • Operations

Victoria Hicks

Group CEO

Brian Hill

Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director of Exits

Ben Wright

Chief Innovation Officer & Director of Progress

Rachael Fennessey

Chief People Officer & Managing Director of Recruitment

Anthony Singleton

Non-Executive Director

Stuart Hicks

Group Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Slaven

Executive Assistant to the Board

Kath Harvey

Head of Progress

Louen Davis

Operations Executive

James Rhodes

Senior Relationship Manager

Charlotte Flaherty

Senior Talent Manager

Hazelle Colita

Business Support Administrator

Tom Wotton

Director of Finance & Exit Partner

Zane Hunter

Head of Exits

Molly Parkinson

Marketing Manager

Tom Bagley

Operations Director
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