External sales

An external sale can be a gateway to progress and innovation.

It’s time to rock and roll

When you’re ready to exit your business, you’ll face a number of decisions. There’s a very high chance this is a watershed moment in your life, so you need to do everything to make sure you get it right. Luckily, help is at hand. In our quest to help business owners find the right exit.

By bringing in fresh resources, your business can be taken to new heights. Let’s explore the external options waiting for you…


Private equity is eyeing up the financial planning and wealth management space. With clients committed to ongoing fees, high persistency rates, and the sector’s resilience, it’s no wonder they’ve got their eyes on the prize!

Their game plan? “’Buy and build”. Some may be open to buying businesses or client banks of any size, provided they have the infrastructure for seamless integration. In other cases, they may target larger businesses.

For business owners looking to reduce risk, access capital, and fuel growth while maintaining equity or merging into the acquiring firm, private equity is the way to go!

We get it. The phrase “vertical integration” might sound a bit intimidating, with the perception that it will mean clients are moved into a different proposition at any cost. But here’s the deal: not all vertically integrated businesses are the same. So, look beyond the term itself to understand the likely outcome for your clients and staff.

Vertically integrated buyers know a thing or two about acquiring businesses. If they can benefit from multiple income streams, they might just make you an offer you can’t refuse. And if your investment proposition is already aligned, there is potentially less disruption for your clients.

More national and regional firms are growing both organically and through acquisition. These firms often operate on a smaller scale compared to large consolidators, which can work in your favour if you’re seeking a buyer that’s a better fit culturally.

They may also have robust client-facing operations and a brand in your location that is well-respected and of comfort to your clients. While they may not offer sky-high valuations due to their size limitations, this needs to be balanced against the benefits of selling to a firm more closely aligned to yours.

It’s not just the big players, like consolidators or larger firms, who are looking to grow through acquisition. We’re seeing more local firms stepping up to the plate and buying financial services businesses. This could be ideal if you’re looking to sell to a company that shares your values, while also ensuring your clients continue to receive the comfort and continuity of local service.

While local firms may face financial constraints compared to their larger counterparts, transactions can still be personalised to meet your needs. This could include longer-term deal structures to minimise client disruption, providing added comfort.

Ever thought about selling off some assets to streamline your business and ramp up growth? As you know, the MiFID II directive requires business owners to provide an annual suitability assessment, while Consumer Duty focuses  on client communications, service, price and value. It might be time to offload assets or client relationships that don’t work with your service offerings, freeing you to focus on delivering real value where it counts.

It’s a win-win situation. It could give you the right outcome for certain clients, some remuneration, and the ability to streamline your business and focus on growth aligned with your broader plans.

Teamwork truly makes the dream work, especially when businesses unite for success. But there’s lots to consider. Teaming up with a local peer could slash costs and boost efficiency for both parties. It may lead to savings for clients due to a stronger position of negotiation with platforms and providers. And, it might solve recruitment issues.

However, before sealing the deal, there’s a lot to think about, including the value you’re both bringing, who will take those key managerial roles and whether your future objectives are aligned.

Our winning formula

Understanding what
you want

We get to know you and your goals, inside and out. After all, how can we help you reach those milestones without understanding what they are? This means we’re both working in partnership towards meeting your goals.

Making the right

It's crucial to nail this. We’re independent, and we work for you, so we’ll give you an unbiased and honest list of options. We might suggest chatting with different buyers to ensure you're confident before sealing the deal.


Putting the hard work in now pays off when due diligence starts. We'll get you prepped, give you room to shine, and make sure you're making the best possible first impression. This instils confidence in buyers and opens doors.

Acting for you, not
the buyer

We represent you and not the buyer. This can open up a wider range of opportunities and means we can negotiate all aspects on your behalf. Remember too, we never take a fee from both parties.

A partner through
the process

Our knowledge of running a regulated business, and the acquisition landscape, means we are perfectly placed to remove the pressure on you and deal with the inevitable bumps in the road, so you can get on with the day job.

Building your

We've got your back with a solid network of pros ready to assist in building and exiting your firm. Outsourced suppliers and legal and tax experts are at your disposal. As you’d expect, we never take any fees for making an introduction.
Their philosophy of "culture before cash" and genuine desire to make sure that business owners get the best possible fit and overall deal means I recommend them highly.
Dominic Rose
Dominic Rose
Brian's contacts and experience were invaluable when we decided to sell our IFA practice. He got us meetings with a variety of different potential buyers, and helped us to source a specialist solicitor.
Gary Lee
Gary Lee
I had never sold a company before, so it was a whole new experience, but Brian made sure everything went smoothly, and I understood what was happening. He made sure that we got the best possible deal and even after accepting an offer, Brian was there holding my hand, chasing solicitors and getting updates.
Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt
We couldn’t speak more highly of Vicki Hicks and have no hesitation in recommending her and the team. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and experienced, we found her honest, open approach a great fit with our firm.
Sarah Davies
Sarah Davies
My experience has been both a pleasure on a personal basis and a business note. They’ve provided me with a first-class professional service throughout, leading to the sale of my business. I’d encourage anyone in the same position to use their services, you won't be disappointed.
Adrian Hill
Adrian Hill
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