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Impactful Leadership programme

People make a business, but what energises your leadership team? Most companies assign responsibilities based on role, skill, experience, and available time, but not what gives people energy.

Using the GC Index®, we’ll help your leadership team understand where each member gets their energy, the gaps you have as a team and what to do about them. We give your leadership team the language and framework to unlock the potential energy of every individual, improving motivation, communication and ultimately your bottom line.

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Every team member will get the opportunity to complete their own GC Index® profile and have a one-hour review with one of our GCologists to discuss the results.

We’ll hold a planning session with the business leader to run through the team’s collective GC Index® profile and build in business goals for the workshop.

We’ll run a three-hour workshop with your team explaining how to use the team’s, and their own, GC Index® profiles to work more effectively together.

One month after the workshop, we’ll arrange a follow-up call to talk through your progress to date, any issues you’ve encountered and how to resolve them.


People and Energy programme

Don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your people? If you’re struggling with productivity or wondering if you’ve got people in the right seats, we’ve got the solutions. Using the GC Index®, we’ll show you what gives your staff energy and how you can use this to build a better business.

By giving your business a language and framework to understand each other, you’ll unlock people’s natural enthusiasm and improve communication. Knowing how your people see the world allows you to structure teams, projects, and your organisation to succeed.

We’ll hold a session with your leadership team to run through the current challenges in the organisation and what they’d like to understand from organisation-level GC Index® data.

Every staff member will complete an anonymous GC Index® questionnaire. The results are compiled into a feedback report for your leadership team, which can be split by location, division or team – any way you like!

We’ll hold a three-hour workshop with your leadership team (online or in person) to explain the data in context. We’ll focus on helping you increase your productivity while making your team more engaged.

One month after the workshop, we’ll arrange a follow-up call to talk through your progress to date, any issues you’ve encountered and how to resolve them.

Sticky Notes
Ben took the time to listen, understand what we wanted to achieve and provide insight from his years of experience. I feel comfortable that we are being guided by someone who knows what they are doing and, more importantly, listens to what we want and does what he says he’ll do.
Pete Summerbee
Pete Summerbee
Training & Competence Manager
Ben is thoughtful, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking. His support and insight helped hugely to deliver a first-class and rewarding session to a room of senior industry figures.
Rob Lunn
Rob Lunn
We had a great experience working with Ben and Izzy on strategic marketing workshops. They were a huge support from start to finish, thanks to their talented facilitation and organisational skills. Their knowledge and understanding of the financial planning profession was a big bonus too.
Debbie Brindley
Debbie Brindley
Marketing Manager
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