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In every business lifecycle, there comes a time to exit. You’re either bought out, pushed out, or wheeled out. Crafting an effective and attractive exit plan isn’t a quick process.

As you can probably tell, we take a different approach at Melo. It starts by discussing the ways we can work with you and then taking a step back to understand your options. When exiting your financial planning firm, there are typically two paths: selling internally or finding an external buyer. What path is best for you? Actually, don’t answer that right now. That’s what we’re here to find out.

You won’t find many people like us who have first-hand experience. We’ve stood exactly where you stand now. We understand your hopes and fears, and how to help you complete a successful exit.

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We’re independent, so we’ll help you choose the right path. Then we’ll guide you down it until you successfully reach your destination.

We’re purely sell side, which means unlike traditional brokers we are independent. We work for you, not for the buyer – meaning we’ve always got your back.

When you’re looking for support with something as important as selling your firm, you need to know you’ve got the best team in your corner. Together, you and us, make a powerful team, helping to ensure you have the very best of exits.

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