Leadership coaching

Leaders need support and development, just as much as their team does. We’ll provide the support your senior leadership team needs to develop and then drive your business towards its goal.


Helping your leaders be the best they can

At Melo, we know leadership isn’t just about delegating tasks—it’s about igniting passion! Why settle for a leadership team that just functions when you can have one that thrives? Using the super-smart GC Index®, we tap into what energises each leader. We’re not just filling roles; we’re uncovering the unique spark within every member of your team.

We dig deep to identify where each leader’s energy comes from and spotlight any gaps in your team dynamics. Then, we cook up a master plan to bridge those gaps, transforming your leadership approach. It’s not about working harder; it’s about working with more heart, more drive, and yes, more smiles.

With Melo’s touch, your leadership team won’t just lead—they’ll inspire. By empowering each leader with the language and framework to unlock their potential, we boost motivation, streamline communication, and supercharge your bottom line. Ready to lead a revolution? Let’s light that fire together!

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You’re the heartbeat of the business, and to truly shine, accountability is key.

Your effectiveness is the driving force behind the business’s success on all fronts.

Partnering with you and your teams empowering you to collaborate seamlessly.

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Your catalyst for change

Meet Rachael, our amazing executive coach with more than 20 years of coaching experience. What started as helping individuals in recruitment has blossomed into guiding business owners and leaders to success.

Rachael trained with the Institute of Leadership and Management to be able to offer out the most impactful and results driven programme to you and your leadership teams. Utilising the power of NLP, the results Rachael will help you achieve will transform your world.

Rachael’s knack for coaching during career transitions has become second nature, making her the go-to support for navigating life and career changes. With Rachael by your side, you’re in expert hands for your journey ahead!

Want to experience these results in your business? Get in touch to discuss the most suitable programme for you and your leaders.

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