Business effectiveness review

Don’t mark your own homework.

See things as they really are

It takes someone from the outside looking in to notice something isn’t quite right with your business.

Most businesses have grown organically. But hang on a second, have you had a chance to step back and think if the way you do things is the best way? Skipping that breather might mean you’re clinging on to some less-than-stellar processes.

Our Business Effectiveness Review is, quite frankly, an incredible opportunity to get a totally independent take on your business. *Cue the applause and cheers*

How we work our Melo magic

You know how we all take our car for an MOT each year to check it’s still roadworthy? Think of this as a (probably long overdue) MOT for your business! We’ll focus on the following areas:

Corporate culture

Let’s talk through your business's values and beliefs, reviewing how well the business lives by them.

Corporate strategy

Does your corporate strategy align with your vision and values? We'll discuss your plan and address overlooked questions.

Customer journey

How do clients feel when they interact with you? We'll assess your touchpoints and ease of doing business.

Process efficiency

We'll review your processes to identify improvement areas for your financial planning business efficiency.

Proposition design

Your proposition must be spot-on. We'll assess what you sell, how it aligns with your target market, and offer insights.

People structure

Having great people in the wrong seat can be a disaster. We’ll look at your people structure and suggest any changes which could improve moral and effectiveness.


We'll review your business against four criteria and suggest ways to enhance your social impact.

Learning and development

We’ll assess how you train your staff and provide ideas to boost the effectiveness of learning and development in your firm.

Impact of

Most firms only use 10% of what their systems are capable of. We’ll look at how you use technology, suggest process improvements and maybe some new shiny tech. Perhaps some with AI “ooooohhhh”.

Ta-da! Your Business Effectiveness Report is ready

In just five days, you’ll receive a report outlining our findings. It’s designed to be super clear and easy to digest, highlighting what your business does well and where it could do with a bit of work. Plus, we’ll break down our recommendations in priority order, based on how easy they are to action and the rewards they can bring.

Once you’ve got your hands on our report, you get to call the shots. Just like a pick and mix, you can choose which recommendations you’d like to implement and whether you’d like to tackle them solo or with our helping hand.

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Ben took the time to listen, understand what we wanted to achieve and provide insight from his years of experience. I feel comfortable that we are being guided by someone who knows what they are doing and, more importantly, listens to what we want and does what he says he’ll do.
Pete Summerbee
Pete Summerbee
Training & Competence Manager
Ben is thoughtful, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking. His support and insight helped hugely to deliver a first-class and rewarding session to a room of senior industry figures.
Rob Lunn
Rob Lunn
We had a great experience working with Ben and Izzy on strategic marketing workshops. They were a huge support from start to finish, thanks to their talented facilitation and organisational skills. Their knowledge and understanding of the financial planning profession was a big bonus too.
Debbie Brindley
Debbie Brindley
Marketing Manager
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