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Spot the shining stars amid the stack of CVs and unleash their full potential.

Shape success with perfect hires

Organisations are only as good as their people, making the hiring process crucial. No matter how perfect a candidate’s CV is or how well they interview, there’s always a risk they might not fit the company culture.

The GC Index® allows companies to identify how people make an impact in their role or team and how to get the best out of new hires. This aids in creating productive teams, engaged employees, and better retention.

Utilising the GC Index®, we help you create accurate role profiles with precise language to attract, recruit, and retain the right people in the right roles. This guarantees you maximum results on every level and a happy, vibrant workforce who love their job.

Helping you to find, attract and retain the talent you need for your business to succeed.

You want to work alongside the best, we’ll help you find them.

We’ll help you find the A players your team needs to drive forward.

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What energises your leaders?

With more than 20 years of financial services hiring experience, Rachael knows her stuff. Armed with the GC Index®, she has all the tools you need.

Rachael and the Melo crew will help your leadership understand where each member gets their energy, identify gaps within the team, and address them effectively. We provide the language and framework to unlock each individual’s potential energy, improving motivation, communication and ultimately, your bottom line.

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