Embrace leadership coaching to enhance your team’s true talent

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While a few lucky individuals may have a natural ability to lead, in general, the most successful leaders aren’t born – they’re made.

And there’s always room for improvement. Why settle for a team that “does the job” when you could nurture one that completely rocks?

Some time ago, the Melo team was introduced to The GC Index (a.k.a. The Game-Changing Index), as a method to better understand each other as a newly formed board.

This powerful tool transformed how we communicate, ensures we have the right people doing the right tasks, highlights gaps in our leadership structure, and focuses our future recruitment strategy.

It truly has been a game-changer. So, we want to share our thoughts on how our leadership coaching package, powered by the CG Index could benefit your business.

Unlock the potential of each individual

An experienced coach can objectively tune into you and your team’s individual leadership styles. This can be surprisingly hard to do – for you and the people you work with every day.

By asking the right questions and using tried and tested resources, a leadership coach can help you understand where each member gets their energy, what their strengths are, and what behaviours and methods they use to lead – their leadership style.

The GC Index gives each individual a score across five areas to reveal their leadership personality. For example, a “Game Changer” may prefer to focus on vision and the creative aspects of a project, whereas a “Play Maker” is great at ensuring collaboration across a team.

It’s crucial to understand what each member brings to the table so you can review your team’s effectiveness as a whole and spot any potential gaps.

Armed with this knowledge, you could build a solid training and recruitment plan that takes your leadership team from one that simply functions to one that thrives and inspires.

Communication, communication, communication

According to Richard Branson, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess”.

For sure, one of the most valuable takeaways from Melo’s leadership coaching sessions is the power of coaching to revolutionise how you communicate as a team.

Empowering each leader with the language and framework to understand their leadership personality and those of their colleagues, has streamlined communication and supercharged our productivity.

For example, let’s say you need to work on a project with an “Implementer”. You would approach them differently to how you would a “Game Changer”. Equally, if you’re aware that your own strength lies in strategising, you might seek out a more creative “Game Changer” to help you brainstorm new ideas.

With in-house coaching capabilities, we offer this powerful service to our clients, knowing first hand that this has the ability to change your business.

Boost your bottom line

Imagine a leadership team that feels motivated, valued, understood and empowered. One in which people communicate seamlessly and know how to support one another to achieve a shared vision.

Sounds like a happy bunch, right?

Right! But there’s also an enticing business benefit of leadership coaching – a healthier bottom line.

An engaged and motivated team is more likely to achieve productivity levels that make you – and your team – smile. What’s more, mapping your team’s collective GC Index profile and plugging any gaps, could ensure you have the right composition across the board to take your business to the next level.

And, of course, once you’ve created such a fabulous working culture, why would anyone want to leave? In other words, bye-bye costly retention issues.

Let us work our Melo magic on your leadership team

Leadership isn’t just about getting the job done, it’s about doing it with pizzazz and always striving to do better.

Using the super-smart GC Index, we can deliver the support your leadership team needs to drive your business forward.

By tapping into the energies of each leader and highlighting any gaps in your team dynamics, we can help you devise a master plan for creating a leadership team that is the best it can be.

Get in touch

If you’re an adviser who’s looking to transform your leadership team from one that functions to one that inspires, we can help. To find out more, email hello@melo.co.uk or call 0113 4656 111.


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