Become one of our client success stories – just like Elaine Gwinnett

First in our line of success stories is Elaine Gwinnett who, with our help, sold her business in May 2021.

We first met Elaine in December 2019 as she felt she was ready to sell her company and move on to other things. We sat down with her, had a really good chat about her hopes and goals and, from early on, we knew that we would be able to help her.

Elaine says: “Their professionalism when I was dealing with them was why I chose to work with them. When I first approached them and said that ‘now the time is right, that I want to sell my business and walk away’, they put together a portfolio of potential buyers, which we went through. They arranged meetings as to whether the type of business I had would be a good fit with theirs.

“Once I decided on a particular firm to go with, they gave me all the support. They were basically go-betweens for the two firms, helping to make sure that my clients were going to be looked after properly, which was very important to me.”

A helping hand even in the most challenging moments

Just like the sale of a house, sometimes situations can change. Sales can fall through, just as it did with Elaine’s business, nine months after meeting the first potential buyer. It’s situations like this where calmness and experience come in very handy.

Elaine says: “The process from start to finish was probably about 18 months from when I met the first potential buyer. But when all that fell through after about nine months, which was quite frustrating, once we found a buyer that had everything ready in place, the whole procedure took six months.

“That was rather sweet, in as much that we were then working to better timescales from my perspective. So yes, if The Exit Partnership say they’re going to do something in the time frame, they do it. They under-promise and over-deliver, which is important.”

Comprehensive support even after the sale

Working directly alongside Elaine, our managing director, Victoria, utilised her own experience and frustrations of selling her own business to provide support and guidance throughout the sale process, even once everything had completed.

Elaine says: “I was still getting support from Vicky to make sure that everything went smoothly. She was liaising between the purchaser and myself, and making sure that everything was in order. It was reassuring, more than anything, to know that I wasn’t just a done deal and they put me aside. It was the after-sale service that was still continuing.

“I was relieved when we completed the sale. Relieved that everything had gone through [in a] timely [manner], and that all the boxes had been ticked as regards the regulatory requirement, and from a personal requirement.”

Get in touch

If you’re considering selling your business, talk to us before doing anything. We will educate, support and guide you through every single aspect of the sale process.

Email or call 0113 4656 111.


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