5 simple and effective ways you can improve employee wellbeing

In a recent meeting, one of the topics of discussion was what we could do in our business to further improve employee wellbeing.

While we pride ourselves on the happiness and impact of our staff, there are always things that business owners can do to provide their employees with a happier and more productive environment.

As a business owner, you’ll know just how important it is to keep your staff happy and motivated. Indeed, aside from the mental health benefits that come from positive employee wellbeing, providing a more comfortable and supportive working environment can also save UK businesses up to £8 billion a year in reduced sick days, Great Minds at Work reports.

With employee wellbeing a key component of a smooth-running organisation, doing what you can to improve the happiness, morale, and mental health of your staff is essential. So, read on to discover five simple ways you can improve your staff’s wellbeing.

1. Invest in training and personal development

Personal training and development are critical for most employees, helping them to climb the career ladder and giving them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to do their job.

Aside from giving your existing employees plenty of opportunities for growth and learning, properly investing in staff training and development is also an effective way of attracting new talent to your firm.

Indeed, 70% of employed adults told a survey by Reed that they considered long-term development opportunities when applying for a role.

So, try and provide as much training as possible for your employees and consult with your staff on the level of personal development they require.

2. Dedicate more time to mindfulness

To ensure that your employees aren’t overworking and help prevent burnout, it could be worth encouraging them to attempt some mindfulness exercises. This could include meditating for a few minutes before work, focusing on just one task at a time, and switching off from digital devices a few times a day, such as at lunch.

By encouraging your employees to take time out and become more aware of themselves and their surroundings, they will be more likely to keep negativity in check.

Additionally, mindfulness can often lower blood pressure, improve relationships with co-workers, and improve productivity.

3. Implement more team-building exercises

One of the simplest ways of improving staff morale and boosting team relationships is by implementing more team-building exercises and encouraging communication between management and staff.

By supporting good working relationships and strong communication, you can create a more friendly and productive atmosphere. Some of the best opinions and ideas can come from a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Design your working space with wellbeing in mind

To help improve employee health and wellbeing, you could consider relatively inexpensive and simple workplace design changes. For instance, adding more plants and natural spaces to your working environment can give employees a more pleasant place to work, eat lunch, or take a phone call.

Similarly, look at the seating arrangements. If you have plenty of room, there’s no need to box everyone into tight spaces. You could even create outside working spaces or discuss hybrid and flexible working with your employees, too.

5. Include employees in company decisions

Rather than the odd formal meeting to relay decisions made by management, give employees the chance to have opinions and ideas heard in regular informal meetings.

By having brainstorming sessions, surveys, polls, and Q&A sessions, you can nurture and encourage ideas for your business, while at the same time finding out how your employees are progressing and feeling.

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