What Rocky Marciano’s story can teach you about selling your business

Arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time, Rocky Marciano would have been celebrating his 100th birthday this September.

Known for his relentless fighting style, stamina, and “never say quit” attitude, the Brockton Blockbuster was the only fighter to stop every single opponent he faced for the heavyweight title.

With 48 wins, including 43 knock outs, he was the only heavyweight boxer to retire undefeated. To this day, that record remains unmatched.

Sadly, Marciano died in a plane crash on 31 August 1969, but his remarkable story can teach any business owner four important lessons about how to sell a business.

1. Be relentless and stick to your goals

Marciano was known for his relentless fighting style. Even during his toughest fights, he never gave up and didn’t reduce his intensity or drive.

When it comes to selling your business, you should be no different. Before you start the sale process, make sure you know exactly what your goals are, not only for the business but also for what you want to do once the sale is complete.

During the sale, it’s important that you continue to be relentless in reaching your goals and not reducing your standards.

While we’re not advocating an aggressive selling approach, it’s certainly worthwhile sticking to your targets and knowing what you want from the sale.

2. Have a strong chin and be prepared for some knocks

Selling a business can often be challenging and sometimes stressful, so it’s important that you follow Marciano’s example and have a strong chin.

While Marciano did get knocked down at least once in his career, he always managed to get back on his feet and continue the fight.

Incredibly resilient, he was able to take a few good hits, and there’s a strong possibility that you may need to do the same during the exit process.

Indeed, when selling a business, despite the best preparation and the finest support, there is always a chance that a sale could fall through and you’ll need to regroup.

So, it’s important that you are prepared for this possibility and able to take a punch and keep going.

3. Have the stamina to see the sale through to the end

As any boxer will know, having the stamina to get through the entire match is essential. Indeed, there are many occasions where fights last the full 12 rounds.

Of course, part of this requires physical conditioning to remain consistent throughout the duration of the fight, but it also needs strategy and planning.

Exiting your business is no different. Often a very lengthy and time-consuming process, business sales can often take between 6 and 12 months, on average, to complete.

With that in mind, selling your firm requires full preparation and planning beforehand and then the stamina and determination to see your sale through to the end.

4. Make sure you have an experienced partner in your corner

Marciano had an experienced trainer, Charley Goldman, in his corner throughout most of his boxing career. When you are selling your business, it’s vital that you do the same.

Working with an experienced exit specialist can give you the opportunity to get the sale you want, leave your business in the best possible hands, and earn you the money you need to do everything you want to do in your retirement.

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